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I’m Florian Croquet, I’m a young technical artist who wants to work in the videogame industry. It has been four years now that I’m studying Game Art, Game design and Management in a french school called Supinfogame.

My career objective is to work as a technical artist. Thus, I am currently looking for an internship as Technical Artist or 3D character Artist on July 2013. I’m strongly motivated to improve my skills and discover new techniques in a professional background.


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I had my first computer and internet in 2003, quickly I understood that I was  interested in the creation of digital contents .I started to create some website in 2004, I discovered Dreamveawer, Photoshop  and I learned PHP and HTML .
In 2008, I started to learn Blender. It was the first step of my journey into the 3D world. It’s in 2009 that I entered at Supinfogame in a preparatory 2 years course in Game Design and Management. In April 2009, I chose Autodesk Maya and Pixologic Zbrush as my weapon of choice ! After 2 years at Supinfogame, I was introduced to many softwares and techniques such as: Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk 3DSMAX, Game concept writing, team management, Actionscript, basics in sound design, basics in ergonomics and so on …
After two years of game design, I realized that I didn’t want to became  a Game Designer, I was more interested in computer graphics .That’s why, I’m currently preparing a Master in Game Art and Management at Supinfogame.

During the year 2012, I had the opportunity to try the work of technical artist at school and during my summer  internship, I really loved  it, I think that I found what I want do for my future career.


Florian Croquet                                                                                                                                                      16/04/1991
11 rue du Fort Montagne                                                                                               florian_croquet[at]hotmail.com
59910 Bondues, France                                                                                                                      (+33)6-59-02-91-41

• Passionate about computer graphics and more particularly about 3D, with proven
   tool programming, animation, modeling and texturing skills.
• Hard working and proactive with a versatile educational background combining Game
   Design, Game Art and Project Management

My career objective is to work as a technical artist. Thus, I am currently looking for an internship as Technical Artist or 3D Artist. I’m strongly motivated to improve my skills and discover new technics in a professional background .


  • Python ,tool development for Maya
  • Unityʼsurface shader programming and procedural texture using Substance Designer
  • Modeling (Low and High poly), topology, UV mapping and texturing.
  • Rigging, blend shapes ,animation and motion capture using Microsoftʼs Kinect.
  • Human Anatomy knowledge
  • Actionscript 3 and Javascript (basics)

Software :

  • Wing IDE, Substance designer, Zbrush, Maya, Topogun, Unity 3D – Working knowledge
  • 3D Studio Max and UDK – Good knowledge

French :Native speaker
English :Fluent ( Cambridge ESOL: Preliminary English Test and training TOEIC test : 835)
German: Basic

Turbo Tapes Games (Video game studio in Norway)                                                                   July – August 2012
Technical artist intern
I worked as a technical artist on the pre-production of the game Ravendark. My goal was to set up the characterʼs pipeline of production from the modeling to the integration in Unity3D. I also worked on programming tools in Python for Maya such as an Auto-rigger tool and a Character control UI.

Supinfogame (School of Game Art)                                                                                                                 2011-2012
Zbrush initiator
I trained other Supinfogame students with Zbrush Software in order to teach them the basics of Zbrush. My courses are targeted for beginners and give them the basics to use learn more about this software

Master in Game Art and Management – Supinfogame, Valenciennes FRANCE – expected 2013
Preparatory 2 years course in Game Design and Management – Supinfogame, Valenciennes
High school major in economy and social studies(Grade B) – Croix Blanche high school ,Bondues France

In Medias Res (Final Year project)                                                                                   October 2012 – June 2013
Iʼm currently working on this project in a group of 6 students. Our game takes place in east-Berlin in 1962 and allow the player to have a unique adventure experience through the point of view of an anterograde amnesic character. With this project I have the opportunity to develop my skills over a large variety of task such as : Art direction, modeling pipeline set up, motion capture pipeline set up, semiprocedural pipeline set up, asset creation and even more !

Happy Snapper (UDK – Maya – Zbrush)                                                                                                          May 2012
Technical artist – animator
Happy Snapper is a Left 4 Dead machinima rendered into UDK. We brought all the assets to UDK and we created all the animations. I was in charge of characters‘ animation, that include skinning and rigging with Maya’s HumanIK and creation of facial Blendshapes.

Le petit Spirou (Flash)                                                                                                                           6 – 18 Février 2012
2D animator
With a group of 20 students, we had the opportunity to work with Dupuis (The Smurfs…) on their famous license «Le petit Spirou». We created a small flash game platformer. I worked during two weeks on the animation of the characters.
This project was supervised by Dupuis the famous Belgian comics publisher and the game has been release on September 2012

About me : 3D and game development take a huge part in my life, not only because itʼs my work but
also because this is a passion, I spend my free between games, movies and series
Movie and Directors : Cohen brothers, Martin Scorsese, Michel Hazanavicius, Star Wars, Matrix …
Music : The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Fat Boy Slim, IAM, Gorillaz…
Sport : Football, Volley-Ball
Television : Breaking Bad, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, AHS Asylum, ….
Video game : FPS(Dishonored, Half-life 2, Mirror’s Edge ), Adventure games (The Walking Dead,
Journey) , RPG (Skyrim, Mass Effect),MMO (World of Warcraft ) MOBA(Dota 2) ..

Jan Haugland – Turbo Tape Games – Technical Director – jan[at]turbotapegames.com
Øyvind Lien – Turbo Tape Games – Art Director – oyvind[at]turbotapegames.com